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C7 Camouflage Masking Tape

Wildlife Watching Supplies - camouflage tapeC7 Camouflage Masking Tape - view 2
C7 Camouflage Masking Tape
These tapes are ideal for camouflaging equipment. Reduces glare - breaks up shape and outline and the natural colours help blend your kit into the natural environment.

Some tapes may leave residue when taken off. We don't recommend that tapes are used on camera or optical equipment.

Alternatives to tape are our C60/C61 neoprene lens hood and lens covers, C80 'all in one' Camera and lens covers, C37.1 tripod leg wraps and our C38 Tripod leg sleeves.

C7.3 MATERIAL TAPE - Leaf print. 50mm wide, 3m (10') long
C7.4 DUCK TAPE - Leaf print - 2" (48mm) 30' (9m) long

C7.3 Material Leaf Print Tape

Price: 7.25

(8.70 Including VAT at 20%)

C7.4 Duck Tape

Price: 7.00

(8.40 Including VAT at 20%)

C7.6 Camo Form Tape

Wildlife Watching Supplies - camoform tape Wildlife Watching Supplies - camoform tape - Mossy Oak BreakupWildlife Watching Supplies - camoform tape - Desert
Wildlife Watching Supplies - camoform tape - SnowWildlife Watching Supplies - camoform tape - WoodlandsWildlife Watching Supplies - camoform tape
Wildlife Watching Supplies - camoform tape - Multicam  
C7.6 Camo Form Tape
Self cling camouflage wrap - reusable - clings to itself not to your kit. Can stretch and shape to fit.

Protects kit from scratches and knocks, reduces glare, improves grip and insulates from cold or hot surfaces. Weather proof with a matt finish.

C7.6 CAMO FORM TAPE - 5cm (2") wide 3.66m long (12')

Choice of Mossy Oak Breakup, Snow, Desert or Multicam.

C7.6 Camo Form Tape

Price: 18.28

(21.94 Including VAT at 20%)


C8 Para Cord/Handy Cord

Wildlife Watching Supplies - Para CordWildlife Watching Supplies - Para CordWildlife Watching Supplies - Para Cord
C8 Para Cord/Handy Cord
M.O.D. olive green nylon braid

C8.3 - 3mm dia 15m hank 80g

C8.4 - 4mm dia 15m hank 120g

C8.1 - Alloy guyline runners for 3mm braid

C8.2 - Alloy guyline runners for 4mm braid

C8.3 Hank

Price: 5.35

(6.42 Including VAT at 20%)

C8.4 Hank

Price: 6.84

(8.21 Including VAT at 20%)

C8.1 Runners

Price: 0.31

(0.37 Including VAT at 20%)

C8.2 Runners

Price: 0.37

(0.44 Including VAT at 20%)

WWS > Tapes & Cords