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C80FS Four Seasons all weather camera & lens cover

Wildlife Watching Supplies -  showing 7hr heat padsWildlife Watching Supplies - Four Seasons Camera Lens Cover
C80FS Four Seasons all weather camera & lens cover
Our new Four seasons all weather camera & lens cover.

Weather protection - Camouflage - Insulation - Sound reduction.

We have changed the name of our Triple layer cover to the 'Four seasons all weather cover' which now has four layers of technical fabric making it our best cover yet. It really does have a silver lining and it's truly a four seasons cover that's made from waterproof, breathable and insulating materials as well as having sound proofing qualities for reducing the noise of the shutter.

Four Seasons all weather covers have a fleece inner layer and heatpad pocket. Our Four Seasons covers are available in a range of camouflage pattern and plain colours. Perfect for all weathers including below zero temperatures.
Reduces battery drain and digital shut down. Also, ideal for sound reduction, just takes that edge off the shutter sound.
Keeps you going while other photographers have packed their cameras away.

Elastic fit around lens hood and draw cord back. Designed as a loose protective/camouflage cover for your camera and lens.

Cover sizes

Our Camera & Lens cover sizes allow for the camera body and for the cover to be drawn up at the back of the camera. Our sizes also allow for the use of converters. We give measurements for the max size of lens plus some lens examples in the size options below.
Access to your lens
Our covers have a Velcro opening along the base to allow for a tripod foot to come out and for you to get your hand inside the cover if you use your lens on manual. You can also use the focus/zoom ring through our covers.

Our Four Seasons all weather covers work well in reducing battery drain in cold conditions allowing you to stay out longer and not be stopped because the camera battery has given up. Our covers are also essential in cold conditions reducing the temperature shock to a camera and lens when going between vehicle/house and the outside. Sudden temperature spikes can affect the life of a lens but our covers can help reduce the sudden shock and give a better temperature transition.

See C81 for end of lens cover/cap.
See C40.7 for heat pads.


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C80.1FS - Short lens up to 15cm, 10cm dia. i.e. 24-105mm, 18-85mm, 28-70mm, 50mm

Price: 47.38

(56.86 Including VAT at 20%)


C80.1.5FS - Medium lens up to 20cm, 10cm dia. i.e. 70-300mm, 105mm, 24-70mm f2.8

Price: 50.60

(60.72 Including VAT at 20%)


C80.2FS - Lens up to 36cm, 12cm dia. i.e. 70-200mm f4/f2.8, 300 f4, 80-400 VR

Price: 64.77

(77.72 Including VAT at 20%)


C80.2.5FS - Lens up to 46cm, 14cm dia. i.e. Canon 100-400, 400 5.6, Sigma 150-500, 50-500, 120-300, 170-500, 150-600 Contemp. Tamron 150-600

Price: 71.10

(85.32 Including VAT at 20%)


C80.2.7FS - Lens up to 58cm, 17cm dia. i.e. Canon/Nikon/Sigma 300 f2.8 & 150-600 Sport, Nikon 200-400 VR

Price: 74.56

(89.47 Including VAT at 20%)


C80.3FS - Lens up to 60cm, 19cm dia. i.e Canon/Nikon 500 f4, 400 f2.8

Price: 83.21

(99.85 Including VAT at 20%)


C80.4FS - Lens up to 71cm, 19cm dia. i.e Canon/Nikon 600 f4, 800, Sigma 300-800

Price: 93.73

(112.48 Including VAT at 20%)


OUR PRODUCTS > MAIN PRODUCTS  > CAMERA, LENS & VIDEO COVERS > C80 Four Seasons all weather camera & lens cover