International dealers

We get great feedback from customers around the world that have found us and bought our products.

In Europe we have excellent trade customers but there are gaps. We don't have any companies in Italy, for example.

Our products sell well internationally and we are looking for more trade distributors/stockist in Italy, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

See our new on-line trade site that is designed to make it easy to order, with delivery automatically calculated.
See our full product range and keep up to date with our new products and designs.

A lot of our products are lightweight and can easily be shipped at good rates.

We have unique and quality British made products that photographers world-wide are looking for.Wildlife Watching Supplies ® run by Kevin Keatley, wildlife photographer - International dealers of our high quality camouflage clothing, camouflage hides, camouflage materials and scrim nets and other safety products.

Through Kevin's 25 years as a wildlife photographer he has built up a range of products and designs ® to help photographers protect and camouflage their kit.

Our dome hides have been voted 1st and 2nd in the French Nature Magazine review

Please contact us with your Country and region and we will
email you with a stockist in your area if we have one.

Please drop us a line:
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